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January 2013

A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter


Go to to join. Twitter is a free service. Once you’ve joined you can set up your profile and view what everyone is tweeting about on Twitter’s homepage.

It might be confusing at first with all the @ symbols and # marks popping up all over the place. Twitter lingo isn’t complicated, but in order to be a part of the conversation you need to know how it works. Anytime you see “RT” it means that a tweet was taken from one user and re-posted on someone else’s twitter feed. It would look like “RT@username” followed by the tweet.

The hashtags are ways that topics are grouped and organized. For example if you’re tweeting about a new app, you could classify that tweet under an app hashtag. This way you could do a search for all the tweets about apps and find yours as well as others. Trending topics shows a list of what people are talking about on twitter; you will often see hashtags there.

Twitter is about connecting with people. How do you get followers? Who should you follow? It’s a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” kind of a system. Often if you follow someone, they’ll follow you back. You can use the ‘Find Friends’ links to find people from Gmail, AOL, MSN, Hotmail and Yahoo! You can use the ‘Browse Interests’ tab or the ‘View Suggestions’ link” to located like-minded people.

Now go ahead and start tweeting! It doesn’t matter what you say, but this is one big online conversation that you want to be a part of.

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