Best WordPress Website Developers of 2013

The main benefits of working with a top WordPress web developer

What is WordPress? It’s a content management system used to manage websites.

WordPress CMS. You can do this two ways, be either using a Theme, or by having a design created custom, then having the design turned into a theme.

Should you use a Theme, or have a design created custom. It’s depends on your needs, and budget. If you are looking for a simple site to display information on your business and you don’t care much about the colors, or functionality then a theme may work for your needs. If you are looking for a custom functionality like a database, or another specific functionality then a custom designed wordpress website may be your best option.

So what are the main benefits of working with a WordPress Developer?

  1. A WordPress developer can help make your website very SEO friendly. This can be completed by using plugins like Yoast SEO plugin, but a developer can help customize your URLS which will make adding pages and optimizing them easy.
  2. Growing your website. If your website is always going to be under 20 pages then it wont matter much, but if you are planning on building out your blog, or adding in pages then working with a best WordPress developer will be imperative. Most themes are built on a theme options panel which works well, but as your site grows its better to use the WordPress core to manage the main functions of your site. WordPress will need updated every few months and using a Theme option panel may limit your update capability.
  3. Mobile friendly. The best way to make your website mobile friendly is to use a responsive HTML like Bootstrap. This is custom on themes, so when working with a WordPress designer you will want to make sure they are up to date on the latest response technologies.