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  • 10 Things You Should Avoid in Web Design Today

    Web site layouts can essentially show to the crowd what kind of person you are. If you come across a pleasant and straightforward site, it shows that you are a clean and tidy person.

    It also let the onlookers feel at ease to have a look at your internet site. A pleasant and straightforward layout is the best way to go if you would like to appear pro in your field.
    But I have found MANY websites that actually triggered my eyes to pressure and therefore, I shut the window just about straight away.
    Why virtually right away? Because I took down information about what to keep clear of on the look of the internet site. When you’re making your site, you have got to think about the bigger picture.
    What’s your corporation’s branding? What kind of image are you attempting to convey? You need to currently have a solid notion of what this comprises in your company, and you have to make certain that it interprets to the website design.

    1) Neon colours:
    Neon colours are much too bright to be used on an internet site. It is too obvious to be look at 1 or 2 minutes, particularly so if you use neon colours as your background colour. Imagine having a neon yellow colour as your background. Would it not be too straining for you to have a look at? Folk will get turned off by such colours and therefore, you may lose your audience in just one or two minutes time. don’t use neon colours as your font colour or your background. The only possible way you need to use neon colours on your internet site is to utilise it as a highlight over the vital words, like what we used to do when we were at school.

    2) Black or dark background:
    Audiences customarily associated a dark colored background internet site with a hacker’s web site or sleazy web site. Therefore the endorsed colour for a background is either a light colour or white.

    3) No paragraph spacing:
    This could sound basic to you, but I come across this error All of the time! Folks publish up content articles for their websites with no paragraph space and this will make it very hard to the readers to close reading the entire post. Basically run into this kind of articles, I’m going to shut the window instantly as I hate reading through with no paragraph space. Imagine needing to read this whole post with no paragraph space. Are you in a position to complete reading it? I highly doubt so. Most probably you will read the initial few sentences and switch your concentration to another thing.
    4) Pop ups or pop under that can’t be closed:
    Many of us resorted to using this strategy to coerce their clients to sign up to their list. Is that required right off the bat? I don’t believe so. Yes, your number of customers on your list will increase fantastically BUT this goes the same for the amount of unsubscribe too! Why so? Just because you literally forced these folk to sign up for your website! That is how easy it is. I do not have anything against pop ups or pop under. Just stay away from pop-ups or pop below that can’t be closed remotely.
    5) Own adaptation of English words:
    Use the standard spelling for English words. I’ve seen many folks utilizing words which have got exactly the same enunciation however with an alternative spelling. Take as an example, the word “you”. Folks spelled it as “euu”. What type of language is that? Without question others could know exactly what you’re endeavoring to say but this kind of use of spelling echo your professionalism, reliability , trustworthiness inside your area. Would folk trust what you are saying? I don’t believe so. The other difficulty with the content comes from the length. The majority don’t love reading long blocks of text on the PC. Keeping your text in smaller bites will be simpler. If you can add some bullet points, it is even better. Think about all the stuff that impede you when reading content online and then ensure you do not make those self same mistakes.
    6) No punctuation:
    Punctuations are developed for the purpose. That is, to permit your reader to understand when to quit, when to keep on and such like. I’ve seen several websites where the writers don’t use any punctuation in the slightest. This will make reading exceedingly tough. Are you able to imagine reading this complete article without any punctuation? You won’t even know when I’m asking a query! Hence please use punctuation in everything that you type. Additionally, do observe that there’s a best method of utilizing punctuation. Consider this sentence as an example. “You are, studying this article, now.” There are too many “commas” in this sentence. Therefore make sure you utilize the correct punctuation in the right spot.
    7) Sloppy layout:
    Have you come across a domain where it is too sloppy to be viewed? What I’m trying to say by sloppy is actually there are a lot of stuffs about the sites placed with no order and the overlap items. Website design should appear sensible, period.
    8) All caps:
    Text set in all caps make folks think you are roaring their way which is needless. only crucial words should be capped to let the readers know this is the crucial point in the entire paragraph. Apart from that, you shouldn’t use any text set in all caps in any bit of the articles or posts.
    9) Capped letter in almost any positioning of the word:
    I’ve seen folks writing sUch aS this inSIde thEir BlOg pOsT. It is possible to sort such as this on Windows live messenger or social networking internet sites with the buddies BUT absolutely not your pro internet site.
    10) Grammatical or Spelling or blunder:
    Many of us post their articles or blog entries without doing a spell check for miss-spellings. Miss-spellings are among the most typical surface gaffes as well as the most simply corrected. To fix spelling mistakes, employ a spell-checker, irrespective of your spelling ability, together with a compendium to help find the right alternative for a misspelled word. Grammar errors are also common on sites. Folk always misuse “it’s” and “its”. So , be totally sure that to fix the grammar mistakes on your article before posting it to your website!

    Article by Melissa Davis tech blogger from Australia, for more information related to web design visit this site.

  • Top 5 Ways to Use Video On Your Website

    The manner in which today’s consumers demand and absorb marketing information is not constant. Consumer behavior is the driving force behind the various sales methods that many businesses currently incorporate as a part of their marketing strategy. Businesses are now catering to customers who have become more visual than text orientated. The use of online marketing promotional videos is now a component of many marketing campaigns. It is used to drive consumer action and increase a business’ conversion across its entire sales funnel. Here are five ways you can use video on your website to effectively engage and convert your site visitors into leads and ultimately, paying customers.

    Product Description / Education / Demonstration

    You can use video to create an even better product description than your text content. Videos are more engaging and give you the opportunity to really show off your product/service. You can be free and open with your customers as no script is needed. You are an expert on your products and can therefore do a product description/demonstration that flows well and has what it takes to capture the attention of the viewers and drive sales. You are accustomed to doing daily promotions of your products, now you can do so on video.

    Product Review

    You can also use video to do a number of reviews for your products as well as others within your niche, and increase your search engine keywords. Product reviews are largely used among consumers to determine whether or not they should purchase a particular product or service. There are droves of viewers checking out product reviews on a daily basis. Creating valuable reviews for various products within your niche that sell well, and dropping in a line to promote your own product, will actually help to promote your credibility and visibility across the web. This will also drive potential customers back to your site.

    Video FAQs

    If your website carries a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) you can do a series of videos that explain and highlight them. FAQs are used to establish the value of your site and inform your visitors about what to expect when they use it. They also serve to differentiate your site’s processes from others. These videos should be done in a personal manner that tells people who you are, and gives them some important information about you and your business.

    Do a Presentation on Consumer Objections

    Do a video recording to supply answers to at least three of the top objections your customers may have about former presentations. This is an ideal opportunity to increase your credibility by showing your customers that you are knowledgeable about your products/services and you are not afraid to deal with customer concerns in a hands-on manner. Your presentation should be done with confidence that demonstrates your own conviction. This will help to build trust and increase sales.

    Introduce Key People on Your Sales Team

    Your staff is doing a wonderful job, and your customers are pleased with the service they receive. If this is the case, then by all means do a video that introduces key members of your back office staff. These videos will also serve to familiarize new customers with staff members who will be giving them post-sale service.

    These five methods are ideal ways to integrate online marketing promotional videos into your website and increase your online presence, attract more customers and ultimately, increase your sales.

    Jack Harding is a website marketing consultant. He blogs about his ideas and tips and his articles mainly appear on marketing blogs. Visit to see how they use video to reach out to their customers.

  • Movoto’s Real Estate Blog Awards: 5 Browse-Worthy Manhattan Real Estate Website Blog

    With a steady real estate market in Manhattan, we decided to check out some of the local real estate blogs. They didn’t disappoint. Creating and maintaining a blog is no easy task, as it takes several elements to make it successful and useful to its audience. While Manhattan has many great real estate blogs, Movoto Real Estate has chosen five favorites.  Several components were examined during the top blog selection process, including:

    • Variety of posts: The author is not afraid to mix it up between writing about market trends as well as local entertainment
    • Frequency of posts­: Updated and timely posts help make a real estate blog relevant to the current market
    • Design: The blog is visually appealing with pictures and a tidy format
    • Usability: Visitors can easily navigate the blog to find their interests
    • Social media: Blog readers are able to share blog posts and have conversations about the blog via social media

    We scored the blogs on each component using a scale of one to five, with five being the best score. Here is our selection of the top five real estate blogs in Manhattan:

    Brick Underground

    item 1

    This is a blog every blogger should aspire to: It’s very modern-looking, inviting, and loaded with a huge array of content. Whether you’re buying, renting, renovating … or even need to read up on bed bugs, you’ll find it here.

    Several posts are added every day and information is current, thoughtful, and relevant. Navigation is user-friendly and pops of color make the web site more appealing than most.

    • Variety of posts: 5
    • Frequency of posts­: 5
    • Design: 5
    • Usability: 5
    • Social media: 4

    Nyc BLOG estate

    item 2

    Nyc BLOG estate does a decent job providing information on the latest housing news and issues facing the city. Among the things you’ll find: market reports, new construction updates, and housing legislation news.

    The design is simple with no bells or whistles, but it’s easy to navigate. This blog also scores high on the social media front for incorporating more than a dozen ways to follow via social media.

    • Variety of posts: 4
    • Frequency of posts­: 3
    • Design: 3
    • Usability: 4
    • Social media: 5


    NYC Luxury Real Estate Blog


    The greatest attraction of this blog is the way life is infused into the blog posts. It’s not just real estate, but it offers nice little tidbits — top five museums, best spots to watch the Super Bowl, and during the holiday season a post about how doormen go the extra mile.

    Another plus: You can browse apartments based on subway lines and you can check out the “green” buildings in Manhattan.

    • Variety of posts: 4
    • Frequency of posts­: 4
    • Design: 4
    • Usability: 4
    • Social media: 4


    True Gotham: Dispatches From the Front Lines of New York City & Hamptons Real Estate



    True Gotham: Dispatches From the Front Lines of New York City & Hamptons Real Estate is a clever take on Batman. The design is clean and appealing, navigation is user-friendly, and there’s a variety of news and tidbits reported. There is generally a new post every few days; not quite as frequent as we’d like to see, but good information with appealing photographs.

    True Gotham scores well on social media, with direct links to a variety of sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Pinterest is one you don’t see too often on real estate blogs but one that has great potential.

    • Variety of posts: 4
    • Frequency of posts­: 3
    • Design: 4
    • Usability: 4
    • Social media: 5



    Property Shark is a good nuts and bolts blog. Nothing too fancy and provides the reader with some of the basic real estate news in the region. The blog does a good job using graphs to help the reader understand news and trends.


    • Variety of posts: 3
    • Frequency of posts­: 3
    • Design: 3
    • Usability: 4
    • Social media: 4

    This post was written by the team at Movoto Real Estate, a brokerage with home listings in 35 states in the U.S.  Movoto works with preferred real estate agents all over the country.


  • Instagram privacy changes set for January 19th

    The significant changes to Instagram’s terms of service are scheduled to come into effect this week.

    As of January 19th, the photo-sharing and filtering service will be able to sell photographs and related data uploaded by its users to third parties after its parent company Facebook announced its controversial changes last month.

    When the alterations were unveiled in December, there was a widespread revolt among Instagram users, with many people deciding to close their account with the service instead of facing the prospect of having what they see as their own property sold to a third party.

    Indeed, a report by Reuters shortly after the announcement noted that Instagram had lost around 25 per cent of its daily active users as a direct result of the changes.

    This backlash has led to a lively debate among lawyers as to whether or not Facebook and Instagram are breaching the privacy rights of their subscribers. Jeremy Clarke-Williams of Slater & Gordon Lawyers said: “Your Article 8 rights are engaged if you can satisfy a court that you have a reasonable expectation of privacy in relation to an alleged breach. But where you have chosen to put your photos on Facebook/Instagram can you realistically have such an expectation? How wide does publication have to be before it can be deemed to have put material into the public domain? These are interesting legal questions, but one suspects the anger generated by this issue is less about privacy and more about the stark reminder that the social media sites are businesses and they have to find ways to make money out of their users”

    In a statement on its website, Instagram explained that by being acquired by the social media giant in September last year, it would be able to provide an improved level of service for its users following extensive consultations.

    “As part of our new collaboration, we’ve learned that by being able to share insights and information with each other, we can build better experiences for our users,” the company noted.

    With this in mind, Instagram has updated its privacy policy to highlight the details of its new collaboration with Facebook, telling its users: “You still get to choose who can see your Instagram photos and you still get to choose whether you post your photos on Facebook.”

    The company went on to insist that while it is now working closely with Facebook to find ways in which it can update and innovate its service, it is not “changing the core features of the app” that millions of people across the world currently use.

    Its official privacy policy states: “We may share your information as well as information from tools like cookies, log files, and device identifiers and location data with organisations that help us provide the service to you … [and] third-party advertising partners.”

    After Facebook announced the alterations to the way in which Instagram operates, the photo and content-sharing platform defended the changes and insisted they will actually improve the user experience of its site.

    In a statement, the company noted: “This means we can do things like fight spam more effectively, detect system and reliability problems more quickly and build better features for everyone by understanding how Instagram is used.”


    Jonathan Gordon is a freelance copywriter who writes for a variety of websites, including a number of specialist professional negligence solicitors.

  • Your Website: The Key to Powerful Marketing

    At the end of April 2013, it will be 20 years since the Internet was made available to the public. During the past two decades, the World Wide Web has grown exponentially every year. It started as a way for people to communicate but soon became a hub for worldwide business transactions. When consumers or businesses need goods and services, the first place they often look is the Internet. They are provided with many sites to research, but how do they pick just one? Perhaps they choose several to consider before eliminating all but one option. In such a competitive world, businesses constantly strive to discover the newest and most effective online marketing tools. However, one of the most powerful tools is often directly in front of their faces. Yes, websites are still one of the most powerful marketing tools. It is important to consider the following tips when your organization is getting a site makeover or an entirely new site.
    1. Make sure the site content is high quality and is tied to domains with relevant search terms.


    The days of keyword-stuffed nonsense paragraphs drawing visitors to a site are mostly over. Most people use Google as a search engine, and the engine relies on quality ratings. In order to gain better page ratings and more site traffic, it is essential to have well-written content. This content should include relevant search terms, but only where they logically fit in with the flow of information. In addition to this, it is important to buy domain names that are relevant to popular search terms used to find either products or services sold. For example, it would be better for a person with a cleaning business to start with domain names that relate to cleaning rather than using only his or her own first and last name.

    2. Make the site look professional and attractive.


    Although site visitors are mainly looking to see what a site can do for them, visual appeal is helpful. Quality photos, interactive tools and many other features enhance a site’s appearance. While aesthetic appeal is helpful, the site should still be easy enough for a first-time visitor to navigate. If visitors become frustrated with hard-to-find links, disorganized information, inadequate information or too many advertisements, they are likely to look elsewhere. When a major site overhaul is complete the organization should promote the user-friendly changes with press releases on sites such as PR Newswire or PRWeb.
    3. Provide more useful information.


    Whether services or products are the nature of the business, make sure site visitors understand what they are buying. Simply listing the services or products available in an e-commerce platform is not enough. Draft some useful tutorials or fact-filled informative articles. As a rule, a visitor should not have to leave the site to find information to answer his or her questions. This is often when business is lost. When a site provides not only products but also information, it helps build authority and enhances site visitors’ interest in the subject matter. Q&A pages, blogs, buying guides and tutorials can be devised by following some helpful writing tips.

    While having a concise and easy-to-use website is still the top priority, it is important to support it with social media. Make sure relevant social media buttons are visible on appropriate pages so that fans of your products can share them with their networks.  The time and effort spent in maintaining a powerful site will be well worth every second. What do you feel is the most important step you must take to improve your own site?


    Caitlin Murphy on behalf of Westwood College, offering degrees in marketing

  • Steps to Social Media Success


    Be confident that you are making the most out of your social media platforms if you are connecting with your audience on a real level. It doesn’t matter if you have 10,000 followers because that doesn’t mean 10,000 people care about what you’re doing or even know who you are. If people form a relationship with you and your brand and continuously come back and interact with your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc., then you are successful.

    Don’t Talk AT Your audience, Have a Conversation

    It’s easy to post ten tweets in a row about why Steve at work thinks Helvetica is the best font of all time. But before you start having a one-sided conversation, remember that social media platforms were created for building relationships over the web, for two-sided communication.

    Instead of getting stuck in the “print” mindset- where your only option is to spread your message unilaterally and without reply- start engaging your followers. Ask them for their opinions. Ask if they agree or disagree with Steve and why.

    Your company wants to get attention, much like the rest of the world. Give your viewers some and they will return the favor.

    Success Isn’t Built in a Day

    Yes, a very small number of people have seemingly become overnight sensations on the web (usually through a funny YouTube video). These overnight sensations have been lucky individuals with a one hit wonder, not brands looking to establish themselves.

    Social media success takes time- months, maybe years. It must be planned and strategic, with your audience and goals always in focus. To establish yourself in any relationship, over the web or in-person, you must establish trust. We all know that trust is earned and that takes time.

    Don’t get discouraged if your social media efforts don’t pay off in a few days or even a few weeks, you will gain notoriety in time.

    Go to the People (Instead of Waiting for Them to Come to You)

    The best way to get your website ranked is to have lots of links and pages. Why? Google wants as much content spread around the web as possible.

    Spread your content across the internet and across a variety of social media platforms instead of harboring it all on your website alone. I may not know what “Nora’s Knits” are- but if I’m browsing Tumblr and see a post of an awesome NK knit sweater, or I am on YouTube and see a video of your Fall collection– I can visit your site, share your posts with my friends, and help spread your content without even being asked.

    Post your content everywhere- the more locations, the more viewers!

    Keep it Original

    With so much content circulating on the internet, the pressure is on to stay relevant and be a posting machine. Unfortunately, these posts can easily turn into re-posts only (which is how OTHERS get noticed- not you!)

    Do your best to put out as much original content as possible. Original content motivates people to link to you and share your stuff. Why would they share your re-post when they could go straight to the source?

    Less is more, especially when you are putting out unique and original content. If you are posting less frequently but with more substance, your viewers will be waiting by their computers in anticipation.

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter


    Go to to join. Twitter is a free service. Once you’ve joined you can set up your profile and view what everyone is tweeting about on Twitter’s homepage.

    It might be confusing at first with all the @ symbols and # marks popping up all over the place. Twitter lingo isn’t complicated, but in order to be a part of the conversation you need to know how it works. Anytime you see “RT” it means that a tweet was taken from one user and re-posted on someone else’s twitter feed. It would look like “RT@username” followed by the tweet.

    The hashtags are ways that topics are grouped and organized. For example if you’re tweeting about a new app, you could classify that tweet under an app hashtag. This way you could do a search for all the tweets about apps and find yours as well as others. Trending topics shows a list of what people are talking about on twitter; you will often see hashtags there.

    Twitter is about connecting with people. How do you get followers? Who should you follow? It’s a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” kind of a system. Often if you follow someone, they’ll follow you back. You can use the ‘Find Friends’ links to find people from Gmail, AOL, MSN, Hotmail and Yahoo! You can use the ‘Browse Interests’ tab or the ‘View Suggestions’ link” to located like-minded people.

    Now go ahead and start tweeting! It doesn’t matter what you say, but this is one big online conversation that you want to be a part of.

  • 4 Copywriting Mistakes You’re Making

    The Lead is Buried

    The attention span of an online visitor is 8-10 seconds at best. Instead of starting with a long and unnecessary introduction- get straight to the point. Make sure your user knows exactly what the site is about and what you want them to do in those first 10 seconds. Ask yourself these questions to see if your most important messages are being highlighted- or being buried:

    • Are you leading with your main message?
    •  Is that main message above the fold?
    •  Is it buried as the 3rd or 4th sentence in your “welcome” paragraph?
    •  Do you use size and color to make your most important content stand out?

    You’re Focusing on Yourself- Not the User

    Let’s say I work for a company that makes coffee mugs. I am drilled day in and day out about our coffee mug products, our company policies, and how wonderful our company is. It’s easy to regurgitate information that you are surrounded with to your customers. No one loves your product more than you!

    But to get customers to do just that- love your product even more than you- you have to write outwardly- show them how they benefit from being at your website and using your product.

    They don’t care how wonderful you think your company is, they want to know how you can make their lives wonderful.

    The Calls To Action are Soft or Nonexistent

    Call to actions, or CTAs, are one of the most important aspects of a website- it tells the user what to do in the blink of an eye. Your copy could be outrageously persuasive and sell ballet shoes to a scientist, but if you don’t lead the viewer through CTAs, they’re as good as gone.

    Users don’t want to think about what steps to take, they want to instinctively know it, and that instinct is big, bold words telling them to “DO THIS!”

    Keep these tips in mind when creating your call to actions:

    • Know what you want your visitors to do on your website before you start designing
    • Designers and writers should work together. What the CTA says is equally as important as the placement of an arrow, the size of a word, and the color of a circle
    • A CTA should be clear and compelling
    • Most CTAs are willing one of the following actions: to subscribe/enroll, to place an order, to request a quote, to learn more

    You’re Talking Too Much

    Lose the extra baggage. Be clear, concise, and straight to the point.

  • Pinterest is Not Just for Party Planning – How to Use it for Marketing


    Pinterest came onto the social networking scene and skyrocketed in interest among users. These users quickly encompassed mainly women, such as moms planning birthday parties, new homeowners looking for cute ideas on redecorating, those wanting ideas of what to make for dinner or shower and wedding planning. Many Pinterest users stick around to enjoy the site because it allows them to store numerous articles and pictures of interest in one location to come back to later. They enjoy the elimination of clutter while retaining the ability to research their interests.

    Pinterest is for more than planning parties

    With the rapidly growing excitement among those who have discovered Pinterest, the site has drawn interest from more than just a handful of women. Savvy marketers are learning how to use Pinterest to boost company sales. Follow a few easy steps to use Pinterest for marketing your company.

    Keep your pins clean and uncluttered

    Draw interest to your business by pinning photos, word pictures and info-graphics that are appealing and uncluttered. Keep the pictures bright, colorful and free of unnecessary minute detail. Avoid dishonestly luring viewers to your site, instead choose pictures that relate to your company’s mission or reflects a specific product.

    Tags and Links direct customers to where you are

    Linking your Pinterest pictures to your website is like a road map, or GPS, leading customers directly to your site with the convenience and ease of one click. Promote your product or service by always adding your website link in your description when pinning a picture. Be sure to pin your pictures in categories that make sense and are likely to be searched for, using key words in your category title as well as in your description.

    Price tags work

    When you type in the price of an item, Pinterest automatically creates a price banner that posts diagonally across the top left side of your picture. This draws the attention of viewers who then, click on the website link that takes them directly to your site for purchase.

    Connect the dots between Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter

    Pinterest is a social networking site. Connect your pins to your company’s Facebook page and Twitter accounts. Never just post or pin in one location, always connect the dots to make it easy for potential customers to find you and then share your sites with others. Include “Pin It” and other Pinterest buttons on your website and blog to make it easy for readers and visitors to click from one site to the next.

    Word of mouth is the best

    Branch out and get to know the community of Pinterest users. Repin Pins from others. Focus on a few users who have a track record of repining quality to a large audience, and they’ll be likely to repin your posts to thousands. Don’t just dump a bunch of pins and run. Space out your pins, and comment, like and repin others.

  • Integrating Tumblr with Facebook – What you Need to Know


    The biggest social network out there right now is inarguably Facebook. It seems as though it offers something for everyone, and is adding new features regularly to expand its reach even more. However, it is not the only major player in the web 2.0 world. Sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr each fulfill a niche that is hard for Facebook to duplicate. Luckily for users, these sites have devised ways to essentially link them together and allow you to integrate content and posts from one into the other. This creates a win-win situation for the social networks since it encourages cross-network traffic.

    Understanding how the integration process works can be a bit tricky, so it’s important to spend some time reading or exploring these features before you click that “accept” button to connect your accounts. This can help you avoid unintentional posting of information from one website to the other, as well as help you learn more about the features that are available to you. While you can find information on the other networks’ pages on how the integration works, read on to learn more about the ways that you can use Facebook and Tumblr in conjunction with one another.

    Tumblr on Facebook TimeLine

    In April 2012, the Tumblr-Facebook relationship tightened when Tumblr became an “Open Graph Facebook Partner.” A Mashable article explains that this means posts are now properly labeled as Tumblr activity and will appear grouped together on the timeline, just like services such as Spotify, Pinterest and others. Before this official integration, Tumblr posts were simple links. Not only does this make it easier for Tumblr users to share their activity with the larger Facebook audience, but also gives more options such as deciding whether to allow the sharing of Tumblr likes and replies on the timeline.

    How Cross Posting Works

    First, you will add your Facebook account to your Twitter account. You will have to accept the terms, just like when you authorize any other Facebook app. At any time you can go into your Facebook app and adjust your settings. After you create a post on Tumblr, you will then have the option to post it directly to Facebook using a small button. In the past, you could only choose to share all Tumblr posts or none—not share them individually.

    Why Integrate Tumblr and Facebook

    If you have never used Tumblr, you probably do not understand why the integration is so important anyway. Essentially, Tumblr is a hybrid of social media and blogging. Tumblr allows you to post longer and more in-depth items than Facebook posts, but it is much easier than going through the trouble of creating a full fledged blog. The “reblog” button, which works essentially the same as the Facebook “share” button, is what keeps Tumblr rolling. So, your Tumblr feed not only includes the things you create, but the items you “reblog”.

    So, understanding what Tumblr is, you should better understand why sharing on Facebook is so important. You can post blogs, thoughts, photo essays and other items onto Tumblr, then with a simple click of a button, your Facebook friends will see you content too.

    The Future

    Tumblr is a highly engaging site that generates long visits, something that advertisers love in a website since it gives more opportunities for visitors to see ads. In addition to the engagement factor, Tumblr is one of the fastest growing social media-like sites on the web. According to a November, 2012 Gigaom article, Tumblr has nearly doubled its monthly users over the preceding year, going from 80 million to 140 million average monthly visitors. This growth has put Tumblr on the map of sites to watch. As stated in the same article, Tumblr may be a web property that Facebook looks at adding to its purchases. If the social media giant decided to make this purchase, it could lead to further integration. While this is just speculation at this point, serious Facebook users may look into what Tumblr offers and consider integrating the accounts now to learn more about the features of Tumblr.

    As you can see, Tumblr-Facebook integration is a fluid process. Compared even to early 2012, the two websites are much better connected. It is quite likely that this type of cross-website connection will continue to happen more in the social media landscape over the next year or so. More and more websites are realizing that they do not have to unseat the giant that is Facebook (or even Twitter), but that they simply have to fill a need. Filling this need will allow them to be part of something bigger. Users of social media are the real winners, as it becomes even easier to connect with friends, co-workers, and strangers in ways that seemed nearly impossible even a few years ago. Sharing your blogs and other posts on Tumblr and Facebook at the same time is only the beginning.


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