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January 2013

Content Management System (CMS): Which One Works for You?



Joomla! is a free open-source CMS that uses the PHP language. For people who have no prior knowledge or technical skill, Joomla! is the easiest to learn with the most user-friendly back-end portion. Not only is it a simple install and setup, but it is also highly customizable and extensible. Joomla! offers thousands of extensions to cater to your needs and your customized design and functionality.

These are examples of sites created in Joomla!:


Another free, open source CMS that is PHP and MySQL powered is WordPress. WordPress is well known as a blogging tool and is utilized by over 20% of all new websites, making it the most widely used CMS on the internet. WordPress offers a variety of themes that users can install that will alter the aesthetic and functionality of the site, allowing the user to add in content without having to format it at all. Like Joomla!, WordPress has a large library of plug-ins for users who have specific functionality needs that surpass the features of the basic platform. It may not be AS easy to learn as Joomla!, but the use of training videos will allow you to pick it up faster than you might think.

Some sites that use WordPress include:


Drupal is a CMS platform written in PHP and is also free! It is a powerful program that can be used for small and large projects alike, like a basic blog or even enterprise applications. Drupal can be used for single or multiple users or even as a website that is run on user-generated content. The back end of Drupal is more complicated than Joomla! or WordPress with a programming interface that is geared more towards developers. However, you don’t need to be a programmer to complete a standard install and administration.

Many well-known sites use Drupal including:

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