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January 2013

Integrating Tumblr with Facebook – What you Need to Know


The biggest social network out there right now is inarguably Facebook. It seems as though it offers something for everyone, and is adding new features regularly to expand its reach even more. However, it is not the only major player in the web 2.0 world. Sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr each fulfill a niche that is hard for Facebook to duplicate. Luckily for users, these sites have devised ways to essentially link them together and allow you to integrate content and posts from one into the other. This creates a win-win situation for the social networks since it encourages cross-network traffic.

Understanding how the integration process works can be a bit tricky, so it’s important to spend some time reading or exploring these features before you click that “accept” button to connect your accounts. This can help you avoid unintentional posting of information from one website to the other, as well as help you learn more about the features that are available to you. While you can find information on the other networks’ pages on how the integration works, read on to learn more about the ways that you can use Facebook and Tumblr in conjunction with one another.

Tumblr on Facebook TimeLine

In April 2012, the Tumblr-Facebook relationship tightened when Tumblr became an “Open Graph Facebook Partner.” A Mashable article explains that this means posts are now properly labeled as Tumblr activity and will appear grouped together on the timeline, just like services such as Spotify, Pinterest and others. Before this official integration, Tumblr posts were simple links. Not only does this make it easier for Tumblr users to share their activity with the larger Facebook audience, but also gives more options such as deciding whether to allow the sharing of Tumblr likes and replies on the timeline.

How Cross Posting Works

First, you will add your Facebook account to your Twitter account. You will have to accept the terms, just like when you authorize any other Facebook app. At any time you can go into your Facebook app and adjust your settings. After you create a post on Tumblr, you will then have the option to post it directly to Facebook using a small button. In the past, you could only choose to share all Tumblr posts or none—not share them individually.

Why Integrate Tumblr and Facebook

If you have never used Tumblr, you probably do not understand why the integration is so important anyway. Essentially, Tumblr is a hybrid of social media and blogging. Tumblr allows you to post longer and more in-depth items than Facebook posts, but it is much easier than going through the trouble of creating a full fledged blog. The “reblog” button, which works essentially the same as the Facebook “share” button, is what keeps Tumblr rolling. So, your Tumblr feed not only includes the things you create, but the items you “reblog”.

So, understanding what Tumblr is, you should better understand why sharing on Facebook is so important. You can post blogs, thoughts, photo essays and other items onto Tumblr, then with a simple click of a button, your Facebook friends will see you content too.

The Future

Tumblr is a highly engaging site that generates long visits, something that advertisers love in a website since it gives more opportunities for visitors to see ads. In addition to the engagement factor, Tumblr is one of the fastest growing social media-like sites on the web. According to a November, 2012 Gigaom article, Tumblr has nearly doubled its monthly users over the preceding year, going from 80 million to 140 million average monthly visitors. This growth has put Tumblr on the map of sites to watch. As stated in the same article, Tumblr may be a web property that Facebook looks at adding to its purchases. If the social media giant decided to make this purchase, it could lead to further integration. While this is just speculation at this point, serious Facebook users may look into what Tumblr offers and consider integrating the accounts now to learn more about the features of Tumblr.

As you can see, Tumblr-Facebook integration is a fluid process. Compared even to early 2012, the two websites are much better connected. It is quite likely that this type of cross-website connection will continue to happen more in the social media landscape over the next year or so. More and more websites are realizing that they do not have to unseat the giant that is Facebook (or even Twitter), but that they simply have to fill a need. Filling this need will allow them to be part of something bigger. Users of social media are the real winners, as it becomes even easier to connect with friends, co-workers, and strangers in ways that seemed nearly impossible even a few years ago. Sharing your blogs and other posts on Tumblr and Facebook at the same time is only the beginning.


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