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January 2013

Steps to Social Media Success


Be confident that you are making the most out of your social media platforms if you are connecting with your audience on a real level. It doesn’t matter if you have 10,000 followers because that doesn’t mean 10,000 people care about what you’re doing or even know who you are. If people form a relationship with you and your brand and continuously come back and interact with your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc., then you are successful.

Don’t Talk AT Your audience, Have a Conversation

It’s easy to post ten tweets in a row about why Steve at work thinks Helvetica is the best font of all time. But before you start having a one-sided conversation, remember that social media platforms were created for building relationships over the web, for two-sided communication.

Instead of getting stuck in the “print” mindset- where your only option is to spread your message unilaterally and without reply- start engaging your followers. Ask them for their opinions. Ask if they agree or disagree with Steve and why.

Your company wants to get attention, much like the rest of the world. Give your viewers some and they will return the favor.

Success Isn’t Built in a Day

Yes, a very small number of people have seemingly become overnight sensations on the web (usually through a funny YouTube video). These overnight sensations have been lucky individuals with a one hit wonder, not brands looking to establish themselves.

Social media success takes time- months, maybe years. It must be planned and strategic, with your audience and goals always in focus. To establish yourself in any relationship, over the web or in-person, you must establish trust. We all know that trust is earned and that takes time.

Don’t get discouraged if your social media efforts don’t pay off in a few days or even a few weeks, you will gain notoriety in time.

Go to the People (Instead of Waiting for Them to Come to You)

The best way to get your website ranked is to have lots of links and pages. Why? Google wants as much content spread around the web as possible.

Spread your content across the internet and across a variety of social media platforms instead of harboring it all on your website alone. I may not know what “Nora’s Knits” are- but if I’m browsing Tumblr and see a post of an awesome NK knit sweater, or I am on YouTube and see a video of your Fall collection– I can visit your site, share your posts with my friends, and help spread your content without even being asked.

Post your content everywhere- the more locations, the more viewers!

Keep it Original

With so much content circulating on the internet, the pressure is on to stay relevant and be a posting machine. Unfortunately, these posts can easily turn into re-posts only (which is how OTHERS get noticed- not you!)

Do your best to put out as much original content as possible. Original content motivates people to link to you and share your stuff. Why would they share your re-post when they could go straight to the source?

Less is more, especially when you are putting out unique and original content. If you are posting less frequently but with more substance, your viewers will be waiting by their computers in anticipation.

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