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February 2013

Top 5 Ways to Use Video On Your Website

The manner in which today’s consumers demand and absorb marketing information is not constant. Consumer behavior is the driving force behind the various sales methods that many businesses currently incorporate as a part of their marketing strategy. Businesses are now catering to customers who have become more visual than text orientated. The use of online marketing promotional videos is now a component of many marketing campaigns. It is used to drive consumer action and increase a business’ conversion across its entire sales funnel. Here are five ways you can use video on your website to effectively engage and convert your site visitors into leads and ultimately, paying customers.

Product Description / Education / Demonstration

You can use video to create an even better product description than your text content. Videos are more engaging and give you the opportunity to really show off your product/service. You can be free and open with your customers as no script is needed. You are an expert on your products and can therefore do a product description/demonstration that flows well and has what it takes to capture the attention of the viewers and drive sales. You are accustomed to doing daily promotions of your products, now you can do so on video.

Product Review

You can also use video to do a number of reviews for your products as well as others within your niche, and increase your search engine keywords. Product reviews are largely used among consumers to determine whether or not they should purchase a particular product or service. There are droves of viewers checking out product reviews on a daily basis. Creating valuable reviews for various products within your niche that sell well, and dropping in a line to promote your own product, will actually help to promote your credibility and visibility across the web. This will also drive potential customers back to your site.

Video FAQs

If your website carries a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) you can do a series of videos that explain and highlight them. FAQs are used to establish the value of your site and inform your visitors about what to expect when they use it. They also serve to differentiate your site’s processes from others. These videos should be done in a personal manner that tells people who you are, and gives them some important information about you and your business.

Do a Presentation on Consumer Objections

Do a video recording to supply answers to at least three of the top objections your customers may have about former presentations. This is an ideal opportunity to increase your credibility by showing your customers that you are knowledgeable about your products/services and you are not afraid to deal with customer concerns in a hands-on manner. Your presentation should be done with confidence that demonstrates your own conviction. This will help to build trust and increase sales.

Introduce Key People on Your Sales Team

Your staff is doing a wonderful job, and your customers are pleased with the service they receive. If this is the case, then by all means do a video that introduces key members of your back office staff. These videos will also serve to familiarize new customers with staff members who will be giving them post-sale service.

These five methods are ideal ways to integrate online marketing promotional videos into your website and increase your online presence, attract more customers and ultimately, increase your sales.

Jack Harding is a website marketing consultant. He blogs about his ideas and tips and his articles mainly appear on marketing blogs. Visit to see how they use video to reach out to their customers.

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