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February 2013

Why You Need a Branded Website

Creating a branded website is a must for any business that wants to thrive. After designing the logo, this is the next big step. A website creates a cohesive image of their brand, establishing trust between them and consumers. If you’re not already sold on this idea, here are some more points to consider:

Make a good first impression

Today, most people rely on the internet when it comes to finding a product or service. We’ve all had an unsuccessful experience, reaching a promising company only to find their website in complete disarray. There is nothing worse than representing yourself poorly with a terribly designed website that doesn’t provide the right information and is hard to navigate. Think about websites that still look like they did in the 90’s – do you trust them?

Make it easy to refer you

When someone is excited about the product or service you offer, they are likely to share it.  If your website doesn’t match your brand and reflect the your service or product, it may deter customers from passing you along. It is important to maintain consistency by using the brand colors, voice and logo that is provided by the product or service.

Become social

Branding your page doesn’t stop at making the page consistent with your brand and user-friendly. It opens up the door to social opportunity. Once you have a branded website that you are proud to show off, you should explore social options.

If you don’t have accounts, create pages for your brand on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Once established, add buttons for your profiles to your website and for easy social sharing.

New avenues for customer service

Now that you are available on social media and already attracting new business through that, consider creating a company blog. Publishing new content on a daily or weekly basis is a great way to get more traffic to your site. Quality blog posts help to establish you and your company as experts in your industry.  Always use your brand’s voice and provide insightful, helpful information.  This will do wonders for your business and customers will trust you.

If you plan to run a successful business today, then the best thing you can do is get a branded website. Everything has gone digital and every successful company is capitalizing on it. Impress your current customers and attract new ones by digitally showcasing your company.

Danielle Pacelli is the Marketing Coordinator at LogoSnap. LogoSnap is based in Langhorne, Pa. It is an online marketplace for custom logo design, business card design and other graphic design services. Logo Snap provides custom designs through crowdsourcing and a DIY service.

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